Guidelines for Commercial Native Plant Growers

Guidelines for Commercial Native Plant Growers

  1. We acknowledge the importance of genetic provenance and attempt to provide locally originating plant stock.
  2. In the interests of preserving genetic diversity, we propagate primarily by seed. Where vegetative reproduction (cloning) is used, that information is provided to our clients.
  3. If we collect seeds from the wild, we do so with caution, collecting less than 10% of the total in any location.

    We do not collect seeds of rare species (plants with status G1 and G2, as ranked globally and sub-nationally in a methodology developed by The Nature Conservancy1.) except as part of an authorized species recovery program approved by the appropriate government regulatory body.

    G3, S1 and S2 status plants are only collected when they are to be used to establish a regenerating seed source for future seed production and not for direct commercial sale of the wild collected seed itself.

  4. No plants are taken from the wild except in the case of sanctioned salvage operations where the plants would have otherwise been destroyed. Salvaged plants are labeled as such, including their place of origin and the reason that salvage was deemed necessary.
  5. We do not sell alien species that are known or suspected to be invasive in our area or ship plants to areas where they are invasive and non-indiginous2.
  6. We will provide information regarding the origin of our stock to our clients. Where origin is unknown or questionable, that information is also provided.


  1. Global and sub-national rankings of plants are listed by NatureServe,
  2. For determination of invasive status, refer to:
    Continental United States:

Application Process:

  1. By submitting your information to the North American Native Plant Society, you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines above. From time to time, these guidelines may be altered and you will be asked to reconfirm your commitment to the new standards.
  2. NANPS reserves the right to withdraw any listing at any time without notice.
  3. Members of NANPS may receive appropriate recognition on the site but no individual organization is specifically recommended by NANPS.

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