Aralia racemosa


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Common Name: Spikenard

Details/Comments: Clusters of small purple-red berries in fall.

Plant Type: Herbaceous

Habitat: Woodland

Light Requirements: part sun, shade

Soil Moisture: mesic, wet

Soil Type:

Height: 2 to 5 ft

Bloom Time: early summer

Seed Ripens: fall

Flower Colour: white tinged green in clusters

Germination Requirements: Seed will germinate upon being shifted to 70°F after 90 - 140 days of moist, cold stratification at 40°F. Seed will not germinate in presence of chemical inhibitors. Seed requires scarification because of an impermeable seed coat. Ferment or clean with hand blender. Seeds are flattened, about 1/16 inch long and hard. Fall sowing for germination the following spring. If you ferment rather than blend (blending scarifies asi it cleans) scarification with light sandpaper may improve germination,

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